The Ballistic Fire Barrier

DuraSystems is proud to announce the new Ballistic rated Fire Barrier, a modular system that protects against fire, blast, impact & now a range of ballistic threats.

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Listed Kitchen Exhaust Ducts

DuraDuct KEX is our new 2 hour rated, zero clearance, double wall kitchen exhaust duct system. Complimenting DuraDuct KEX is DuraDuct SED, our NEW single wall kitchen exhaust duct system. Both DuraDuct KEX and SED are the largest listed systems available, come pre-fabricated, and eliminate the need for field welding.

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Transformer Barriers

Modular Interior and Exterior Transformer Barriers

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Fire and Blast Ductwork

The only cULus listed zero clearance fire resistance rated duct assembly that does not require additional wraps or enclosures.

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Easy to install and removable UL/ULC Fire and Thermally Rated Panels

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Our Products

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DuraSystems: Passive Fire Protection Systems
DuraSystems Barriers Inc. specializes in passive "Life Saving" fire protection systems for the industrial, institutional and commercial markets.

Ballistic Fire Barrier Announcement
DuraSystems is proud to announce the new DuraSystems Ballistic Fire Barrier System. 
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Kitchen Exhaust Grease Duct:
DuraDuct KEX is a pre-manufactured, zero clearance to combustibles, rectangular kitchen exhaust grease duct system.
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The industry`s only 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour & 4-hour zero clearance fire resistance rated duct assemblies that do not require any...
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Tested to ASTM E119 & CAN/ULC-S101 standards. A unique all-in-one thermal panel that provides fire protection, impact resistance and...
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Thermal Panels:
The DuraTherm thermal panel / plenum system is built around a steel-faced composite panel with a non-combustible high density mineral fiber core.
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Nuclear Industry:
DuraSystems’ provides specific passive fire protection systems which are designed to meet the challenges of fire hazards in nuclear power...
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Transformer Isolation Barriers:
DuraSystems offers transformer isolation barriers in a modular pre-engineered design.
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3-Hour Ceiling / 4-Hour Ceiling:
Introducing the industry`s ONLY cULus-listed 4-hour fire-rated ceiling!
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DuraSteel Blast walls can provide protection from the detonation of over 440 lbs of TNT at 22 yards. 
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Ballistic Resistant Systems:
Ballistic resistant barriers and the industry`s only pre-fabricated ballistic duct!
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Why is Passive Fire Protection Important?


A major fire can have a devastating affect on both property and people.  Although active fire protection such as sprinklers put out a fire, the smoke from the fire remains. This smoke can be harmful when not properly mitigated. Ventilation systems offer an effective method for the control of smoke.

Smoke can behave very differently in tall buildings than in low buildings. The predominant factors that cause smoke movement in tall buildings are stack effects, the effect of external wind forces, and forced air movement within the building. Smoke removal and venting practices are complicated by stack effects, which will tend to favour natural air movement vertically through the building as a result of differences in temperature and densities between the inside and outside air. 

Pressurization and smoke exhaust systems are methods of controlling the smoke in the event of a fire.  Life safety systems such as these are required to be fire rated so that service they provide will be continued in the event of a fire.