The Ultimate Fire Protection with Fire Resistant Board

Date: September 4, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Passive Fire Protection

Having appropriate fire protection in the workplace is critical. To better understand why, consider that in 2015, close to 114,000 non-residential fires occurred in the United States alone. Not only did those fires result in both death and serious injury, but there were also millions of dollars in property damage. Although you have multiple solutions for protecting your employees and business, the best methods of protection include a fire resistant board. Manufacturing plants, processing...

The Importance of Installing a Grease Duct Access Door

Date: August 29, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Ducts

If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, it is important that you have high-quality grease duct access doors installed. In fact, this decision is critical. A commercial kitchen exhaust system consists of three primary parts, including the hood, duct, and fan. Of these, the duct is the most important but also the most problematic for situations where there is no access door. Because the ductwork in a commercial kitchen runs above the hood and into the ceiling, many people overlook it, that...

Blast Resistant Duct: Best Possible Protection

Date: August 23, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Ducts

For certain applications, a blast resistant duct creates a safer environment. Whether used in laboratories or for security related applications, the right system is essential to ensure fresh air gets to where it is needed. The best ducts on the market consist of non-combustible metal sheets that are bonded mechanically to a fiber cement core. Because of this innovative design and the materials used, the ducts provide the necessary protection from blasts, as well as fire and impacts. For the...

Acoustic Enclosure: Best Available Noise Control Solutions

Date: August 16, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Enclosures

Although heavy machinery and equipment are essential for many industries, they are often so noisy that they disrupt business operations. Not only is the noise distracting, but in some instances, it also poses a health risk to employees even though they wear hearing protection. If you have this problem, you should consider a high-quality acoustic enclosure. This enclosure is designed specifically for the purpose of reducing noise without compromising the performance of the equipment or...

5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Exhaust Duct System

Date: August 14, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Ducts

Whether building a new restaurant or making upgrades to an existing dining establishment, one of the most important design aspects is the kitchen exhaust duct system. Through the duct system, air flows, thereby providing ventilation. By having the right system installed, the kitchen becomes a cleaner and safer environment. Before you select just any kitchen duct system, there are five main things to consider. Material – Although all kitchen duct systems work in much the same ways,...

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