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Why Choose Thermal Panels for Walls

Date: November 29, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Panels

Using thermal panels for walls offers various benefits, including sound structural framing, improved insulation, and a vapor barrier. With these unique panels, R ratings improve because of the thermal efficiency. Overall these panels reduce utility costs, enhance wind resistance, and install easily and quickly. With superior strength characteristics and consistent quality, they have become popular among multiple industries. When choosing a thermal panel system, you need to select a reputable...

What Are the Benefits of a Fire Rated Enclosure?

Date: November 28, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Enclosures

Are you looking for a way to enhance various business components’ protection? If so, you might need a Fire rated enclosure. Commonly referred to as fire protection enclosures, these consist of a protective barrier that goes around and shields vital things like control equipment, critical cabling, piping, and more. Once an enclosure gets installed, if a fire breaks out, the inner workings of your business have protection. Ultimately, the enclosure prevents destruction or at least reduces the...

Top Reasons You Should Install DuraWall

Date: November 24, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Panels

  While there are many different options for panels that protect against fire, sound, and thermal transmission, none surpass the qualities and capabilities of DuraWall. Not only is a DuraWall installation quick and easy, but these fire-resistant panels also offer excellent acoustic protection. By learning about this system, you will appreciate the various reasons for having them installed. Design Elements – Built around a steel-faced composite panel, and complete with a high-density...

Passive Fire Protection: An Important Part of Any Fire Safety Strategy

Date: November 21, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Passive Fire Protection

When devising a fire safety strategy for your business, it is essential to include passive fire protection. Unfortunately, some people overlook the value of passive fire resistance only to later regret their decision. To fully protect your structure, interior possessions, and of course, human life, you need to consider different passive fire protection products, ultimately choosing what works best for your specific situation; after all, not every business has the same needs. As a prime...

Challenges Faced When Using Traditional Transformer Fire Protection Technologies

Date: November 17, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Barriers

More than likely, you have witnessed the sky light up in a bright blue color in response to a blown transformer. While the effect is stunning, in the wrong situation, this causes a major fire risk. For that reason, many businesses rely on transformer explosion prevention. The problem is that, if you still use traditional transformer fire protection technologies, the level of safety is not where it should be for your building, interior property, and human lives. Thanks to new technologies,...

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