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Why You Should Always Buy a Listed Fire Rated Panel

Date: March 23, 2018 Author: durasystems Categories: Panels

ISO certification for a fire rated panel manufacturer ensures the manufacturing process, management system, and documentation or service procedure meets all quality assurance and standardization requirements. In other words, when you purchase a fire rated panel from an ISO certified manufacturer, you have confidence that you’re getting the highest-quality product available. To achieve a listing for the fire rated panel, ISO certification is essential. Overall, fire rated panel...

Why a Kitchen Exhaust Duct Is Important for Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Date: March 20, 2018 Author: durasystems Categories: Ducts

Especially in commercial kitchens, poor air quality can become a big issue unless you install a high-quality kitchen exhaust duct. With the right kitchen exhaust duct design, the system handles air contaminated by things like oil, grease, smoke, dust particles, odor, and fumes. Not only does this create a healthier work environment, but it also ensures that patrons smell only the delicious food getting prepared. For kitchens, one of the most critical factors has to do with promoting good air...

Manufacturing Process Behind Producing Fire Rated Electrical Enclosures

Date: March 16, 2018 Author: durasystems Categories: Enclosures

Fire rated electrical enclosures are one of many vital safety systems used by businesses of varying sizes and industries. As a type of fire protection, these enclosures help shield conduits, cabling, control equipment, and other critical components if a fire breaks out. Ultimately, they protect your business from experiencing significant damage and, therefore, financial loss. Ultimately, electrical enclosures keep a fire contained, thereby preventing it from spreading and putting your...

Is Your Grease Duct Effective Against an Accidental Fire?

Date: March 13, 2018 Author: durasystems Categories: Ducts

For commercial grade kitchens, there are several critical safety considerations that need to be addressed. Not only do you need to make sure that food gets handled safely, but you must also take the necessary precautions to prevent a fire. Grease fires are especially challenging since they burn hot and spread quickly, making them hard to extinguish. For that reason, having the right zero clearance grease duct is critical to your business. Grease can easily accumulate inside of your ducts....

How to Use Thermal Panels for Walls During Extreme Weather

Date: March 9, 2018 Author: durasystems Categories: Panels

Although these specialized panels provide a streamlined and cost-effective alternative to walls and plenum fabricated in the field, they serve an additional purpose. In the event of extreme weather conditions, you may not know that you can use thermal panels for walls. During periods of severe hot and cold weather, maintaining a comfortable environment becomes nearly impossible. However, with the right panels installed, that changes. Considering the most of the US is currently gripped by...

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