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Various Levels of Attack a Ballistic Barrier Can Resist

Date: May 28, 2018 Author: durasystems Categories: Barriers

For the best protection possible against a ballistic attack, a multitude of businesses and government agencies rely on a “ballistic barrier.” Even that term sounds imposing, which it is. Unfortunately, the world today poses many threats, not only internationally but also domestically. Just looking at the news, you see story after story about criminals or terrorists who either try or succeed in carrying out attacks against people and infrastructure. Whether the attack involves a handgun,...

Challenges Faced When Using Traditional Transformer Fire Protection Technologies

Date: November 17, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Barriers

More than likely, you have witnessed the sky light up in a bright blue color in response to a blown transformer. While the effect is stunning, in the wrong situation, this causes a major fire risk. For that reason, many businesses rely on transformer explosion prevention. The problem is that, if you still use traditional transformer fire protection technologies, the level of safety is not where it should be for your building, interior property, and human lives. Thanks to new technologies,...

Ballistic Barrier: Different Types and Why You Should Know Them

Date: November 10, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Barriers

When it comes to choosing a ballistic barrier, there are several different types to consider. Even if you have an expert handle the installation, you should have some basic knowledge of what these barrier types are and how they perform. Each manufacturer has a unique product line of ballistic panels for walls, all serving a similar purpose, although some are more superior than others. A perfect example of this is the Ballistic DuraBarrier. As a comprehensive product, it protects against fire...

DuraBarrier: Transformer Fire Separation Provides Excellent Protection

Date: April 21, 2017 Author: durasystems Categories: Barriers

Although a sky lit up in blue looks pretty amazing when a transformer blows, this event is quite dangerous. Fortunately, by using a transformer fire separation system, any risk is dramatically decreased. The DuraBarrier system ensures appropriate transformer clearance from a building, thereby protecting the structure itself, other buildings and transformers, and any people inside or within close proximity. This system, which is offered by the industry leader DuraSystems, follows very...

When and Where Is a Fire Barrier Used?

Date: November 2, 2016 Author: durasystems Categories: Barriers

The primary purpose of a fire barrier is to compartmentalize a building in an effort to prevent fire and smoke from spreading. This protects the structure, interior property, and, most importantly, human life. Any risk of fire is serious. As a business owner, you have the right and the legal obligation to take the appropriate protection measures. Although a fire barrier benefits virtually all industries, it is especially critical for companies that deal with volatile materials and those with...

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