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Will Your Insurance Company Cover Your Substation Transformer Fire?

One of the most important decisions that any business owner makes involves choosing the right insurance carrier and coverage. Depending on the carrier, fire insurance may be a standard offering. Especially when dealing with certain risks, such as a substation fire, it is critical that you have the necessary protection. Compared to other types of fires, a transformer fire is considered one of the most dangerous. In addition to significant damage to property, there is a major risk of injury...

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What Are Fire Enclosures, and How Do They Work?

  • Date: February 07, 2017
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For many types of industries and businesses, the number one concern is fire. Although a fire can cause significant damage and harm to humans regardless of a company’s size, this type of catastrophe could shut a smaller business down completely. The good news is that several different fire protection systems are available, including fire enclosures. Many people are unfamiliar with fire enclosures. For that reason, it is important to gain a better understanding of what they are and how they...

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