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Important Building Code Terms for Firewall Requirements

With so many code terms for firewall requirements, trying to determine which ones are important is a monumental task. However, understanding the terminology helps tremendously when choosing a fire partition for your business. Following are some of the more important code terms to learn. Fire Barrier Wall (NFPA 221, – “A wall, other than a fire wall, having a fire resistance rating.” Fire Wall (NFPA 221, – “A wall separating buildings or subdividing a building to prevent the...

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What Are the Effects of Blast on Fire Rated Doors?

For a long time, companies that designed protective barriers such as walls and doors focused primarily on the risk of fire. With the increasing threat of terrorism, these companies have upped their game by designing and developing blast walls to address these new deadly threats. Just as the name implies, these walls protect from blast pressures and flying fragments. Today, it is common to see these types of walls at various government buildings, as well as businesses part of the...

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