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Types of Grease Duct Access Doors for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

  • Date: October 31, 2018
  • Author: Admin
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When it comes to commercial kitchens, they are all unique in one way or another. As such, ventilation requirements for each are also different. The most trusted companies offer a broad range of options for listed grease duct access doors to ensure optimum safety and functionality. A metal door or panel serves as an access point for cleaning and maintaining the exhaust ducts in commercial kitchens. The primary styles of access doors are the bolt-on and weld-on. Although they are...

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Multiple Applications for a Fire Resistant Board

As with all fire protection systems, a fire resistant board works for specific applications. However, this type of passive fire protection has a broad reach, meaning it not only works for multiple industries but also has many different uses. As you will see with the information provided, this type of protection is an incredible option for keeping people and assets safe. Something important to note is that while many businesses have a fire resistant board installed, which helps prevent the...

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