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5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Exhaust Duct System

  • Date: August 14, 2017
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Whether building a new restaurant or making upgrades to an existing dining establishment, one of the most important design aspects is the kitchen exhaust duct system. Through the duct system, air flows, thereby providing ventilation. By having the right system installed, the kitchen becomes a cleaner and safer environment.

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Before you select just any kitchen duct system, there are five main things to consider.

  1. Material – Although all kitchen duct systems work in much the same ways, there are differences in both design and materials. The design is certainly important, but even more critical is the kitchen exhaust duct material. For the duct system to be code compliant, officials require either 16 gauge carbon steel or 18 gauge stainless steel construction. Along with that, the best products have an interior liner and the right exterior surface to make cleaning grease and other common contaminants easy. Not only does this keep the kitchen clean, but it also reduces the risk of fire due to the buildup of grease, and it expands the life of the system.
  2. Compliance – For commercial kitchen ductwork to be compliant, it must meet, if not exceed, various requirements such as those enforced by the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and International Mechanical Code (IMC).
  3. Installation – You also want to consider the ease of kitchen exhaust duct installation. While some systems are difficult to install, others are relatively easy. The top systems eliminate the need for welding, which in a commercial kitchen can be dangerous.
  4. Design – The design of the kitchen exhaust ductwork is another consideration. In some instances, a flexible system is necessary. For example, if you need proper airflow when dealing with a shallow ceiling space, you want to choose a manufacturer that can provide a product that fits in the limited ceiling space.
  5. Price – Most people think a superior commercial kitchen duct system is expensive, but in reality, there are some excellent, cost-effective systems available.

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