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5 Tips for Selecting a Fire Rated Electrical Enclosure

  • Date: November 08, 2017
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Due to its extreme importance, you want to consider several factors before buying just any fire-rated enclosure. Designed to enhance safety in a work environment, material, construction, design, and other things are critical when choosing a fire rated enclosure for your electrical fire protection needs. With the below information, you will have no problem identifying the correct product for your needs.

  1. fire rated electrical enclosureSealing Quality – The degree in which fire-resistant enclosures seal has a direct impact on both the internal components’ protection as well as the system’s efficiency. For example, you need to select the appropriate National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rating. For protection against windblown dust, you want a system with a minimum of NEMA 12; for complete protection, NEMA 4; and if the work environment consists of pollutants, corrosive chemicals, or weathering, then you need a NEMA 4X.
  2. Size of the Enclosure – You also have to consider the size of the enclosure needed. There are typically two types of products to choose from: free-standing or floor-mounted enclosures and wall mounted enclosures. Make sure that you look at fire rated electrical enclosures that work with your application or ones that you can either upgrade to or modify at some point.
  3. Heat Load – When choosing this type of enclosure, be sure to calculate the heat load coming from components inside, localized heat sources, and the solar additional affects. Also remember the high currents in power distribution enclosures.
  4. Options for Installation – When reviewing layouts, you need to account for things like the position of the enclosure air conditioner, any required cut-outs, and so on. Overall, make sure that you have adequate space for both the enclosure and air circulation.
  5. Additional Features – With fire-resistant enclosures, you can select various features. As an example, remote monitoring gives you a heads-up should the cooling system fail. In addition to equipment damage, the failure could lead to an operational shut-down. A door kill switch is also a great feature in that, if someone inadvertently leaves the door to the enclosure open, the air conditioner automatically switches off, which is perfect for maintenance purposes.

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