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A Guide for Transformer Fire Safety Practices

  • Date: July 23, 2019
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Although any fire can wreak havoc on a business, a transformer fire has the potential of causing a catastrophe. For that reason, it’s imperative that you follow the best safety practices to prevent and stop a fire. Thankfully, you have several viable options for transformer fire protection.

Among the best ways to do this is by using transformer fire separations. Acting as a physical barrier to fire, the right system keeps a blaze from spreading to adjacent transformers, buildings or other critical components of your operation. As a result you will minimize the impact to your business, with the damage limited to the failed transformer, and possibly spend less on insurance coverage.

The problem is that for years, both the probability and risk associated with a transformer fire remained relatively unknown. Today, business owners have a much better understanding of the different scenarios surrounding this type of event as well as the precautions they should take to ensure optimum protection and safety.

One challenge is that a transformer fire can result from a variety of things, including arcing within the tank, the volume of generated gas, an outdated electrical grid, increased demand, and even high pressure. By gaining better knowledge, people can make proactive decisions that lessen the likelihood of a fire breaking out. Even then, it’s also important to understand the appropriate steps to take to keep a fire from spreading.

Among the best safety practices, you want to mitigate this problem by utilizing a transformer fire separation system. Top-of-the-line transformer fire protection offers up to six hours of resistance. It also meets strict NFPA 850 requirements. Additional benefits include its ability to install in tight spaces and resist wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour. There’s even a system resistant to seismic activity. You might think a transformer fire separation system like that would be expensive and difficult to install, though that is not the case.

Actually, one company offers a lightweight modular system that only requires bolting the panels together. While this system goes up quickly, it’s incredibly effective. You can also choose from different designs for a continuous or pier foundation. This pre-engineered transformer fire barrier system has standard designs for heights up to 32 feet, and as for length, there’s no limitation.

Something else worth noting is that unlike other transformer fire protection systems, one has the ability to provide barriers with an outstanding 16-foot span between columns. However, if you need something different, the company that manufactures this product can customize your order, not just for the greater spans, to avoid existing in ground services, but also greater barrier heights.

Remarkable Solutions

If you have a transformer on your property or you oversee one as a public utility, it’s vital that you take every precaution possible. Included in that is the installation of a transformer fire separation system. At DuraSystems, we have products for every passive fire protection need. Call us today.