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About Us

DuraSystems is a world leader in passive fire protection systems with over thirty years of industry experience and knowledge. 

What We Do

DuraSystems is a North American based manufacturer specializing in the global supply of passive fire and blast protection systems and assemblies to protect the personnel and corporate assets across all business sectors.

With over 30 years experience in passive fire protection, and relying on the over half century of proven fire and blast performance of DuraSteel fire resistant panels, DuraSystems can design and supply fire and blast protection to meet your specific requirements.

Our History

DuraSystems is a privately held Canadian company founded in 1990 by Bill Duffy as a result of his involvement on the Canary Wharf project in London, England. While his mechanical contracting company worked on this massive project to redevelop London’s Docklands, Bill quickly recognized DuraSteel to be an innovative material for passive fire protection in the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry and envisioned how this unique product could solve many fire and blast protection issues in other industries in North America.

DuraSystems has since matured into a globally recognized ISO 9001 certified provider of passive fire and blast protection systems with tested and listed designs to solve most fire protection issues. DuraSystems has developed many fire and blast protection solutions and now holds Canadian and US patents for a wide range of systems for use in the fire protection industry.

DuraSystems has developed many unique passive fire and blast protection systems for some of the world’s most valuable assets. Through our commitment to research and development and to continuous improvement, DuraSystems has gained the trust of our clients for protecting people and property worldwide.

Passive Fire and Blast Protection Systems
Cabot Square in England's Canary WharfCabot Square in England’s Canary Wharf.
World Trade Center Tower One in New York City World Trade Centre Tower One in New York City.