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Advantages of a Fire Duct over an Ordinary Duct

  • Date: April 07, 2017
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Today, an increasing number of businesses are choosing a fire resistant duct over a standard duct. This is not by happenstance but for very good reasons. The name alone, fire rated duct, indicates a much higher level of protection. However, to fully appreciate how ductwork outperforms standard ductwork, it is important to look at all of the advantages.

fire rated duct

  • Materials – To start with, very special materials are used in ductwork. These materials are extremely different from what you will find with standard ductwork. As a result, systems have different fire ratings. For instance, the material in some systems offers up to two hours of fire protection. However, for optimal protection, there is even one system on the market that offers up to four hours of protection for fire, integrity, insulation, and stability. In order for this material to be classified as fire-resistant, it must first be exposed to a flame. From there, the burning must stop immediately after the fuel is removed from the material.
  • High Standards – In addition, ductwork designed to be fire resistant is manufactured according to mandatory regulations set forth by top agencies. That means that these systems go through extensive testing to ensure they meet or surpass safety requirements.
  • Insulation – You will also discover that in addition to just fire resistance, it is also required that a duct should have the thermal rating as well.
  • Versatility - A high-quality fire resistant system is also more versatile. It protects numerous things, including shafts, service enclosures, gas pipes, cables, kitchen exhaust ducts, and ventilation/smoke exhaust ducts.

When searching for fire resistant ductwork, there are several factors to consider. For example, you need to think about the required fire exposure and performance, hanger support, the supporting structure, wall and floor penetrations, functionality, thermal insulation, acoustic performance, strength and durability, water tolerance, and access for cleaning and inspection. At DuraSystems, we manufacture top-of-the-line ductwork with varying degrees of time-lengths for fire protection. To ensure the safety of your business and employees, this type of protection is essential. Please visit our website to view all of our products or contact a company representative today.