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Ballistic Barrier: Different Types and Why You Should Know Them

  • Date: November 10, 2017
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Ballistic_Barrier.jpgWhen it comes to choosing a ballistic barrier, there are several different types to consider. Even if you have an expert handle the installation, you should have some basic knowledge of what these barrier types are and how they perform.

Each manufacturer has a unique product line of ballistic panels for walls, all serving a similar purpose, although some are more superior than others. A perfect example of this is the Ballistic DuraBarrier®. As a comprehensive ballistic barrier product, it protects against fire and ballistic threats. While no one wants to think about terroristic attacks in North America, they have become more frequent and intense; therefore, companies must take the appropriate measures to ensure optimal protection of buildings, equipment, and, most importantly, human life.

Not only have terrorists and criminals become more brazen in their attempts; they also rely on advanced weaponry, including handguns, shotguns, and high powered assault rifles. Reported attacks have left businesses devastated. Along with destroyed electrical systems, these heinous acts cost owners millions of dollars in repairs.

In light of the increasing threats, various organizations have implemented new standards for protecting critical infrastructure. When devising a plan to keep your company safe, ballistic barriers are essential. Following is information as to the different types of barriers available with optional ballistic protection, along with a brief introduction as to the benefits of each.

  • Transformer Fire Barrier – Aging electrical grids pose a danger in the way of exterior transformer fires. Fueled by oil, the flames spread quickly, not only to other transformers, but also nearby buildings. A modular fire separation system provides up to six hours of fire resistance, giving people time to get out of a building and first responders the opportunity to get a fire under control. For areas with limited space, you can choose a similar kind of barrier that provides up to four hours of fire resistance.
  • Transformer Acoustic and Fire Barrier – Also for exterior transformer fires, you can choose acoustic and fire protection barriers, which include fire, moisture, blast, and impact protection properties.
  • Fire and Blast Separation Ballistic Barrier – If your business performs activities involving the processing of oil, gas, and chemicals, or some other potentially dangerous material, you need this type of barrier. That way, if an explosion occurred, property and personnel have the required protection.

Types of Ballistic Barriers and Their Applications

Ballistic Barrier Materials Used Level of Protection Common Use Cases
Bulletproof Glass Toughened Glass, Plastic High Banks, Government Buildings, Armored Vehicles
Ballistic Wall Panels Steel, Kevlar High Military Facilities, Public Buildings
Ballistic Vehicles Ballistic Glass, Reinforced Materials Very High Diplomatic Vehicles, Armored Military Vehicles
Ballistic Blankets Layered Fiber, Composite Materials Medium Emergency Situations, Field Operations
Portable Ballistic Shields Aramid, Polyethylene High Law Enforcement, Military Operations

Why Should You Know About Ballistic Barriers?

The awareness and understanding of ballistic barriers are essential for various reasons:
  1. Personal Safety: If you live in a region with high rates of violent crime, knowing about ballistic barriers can help you select the right protective measures for your home or vehicle.
  2. Professional Requirement: If you work in industries such as security, law enforcement, military, or any high-risk field, knowing about these barriers is crucial to your job performance and personal safety.
  3. Informed Decision Making: Whether you're a decision-maker in a corporation or a government official, having a deep understanding of ballistic barriers can guide you in choosing the right security measures for your organization or community.
  4. Empowerment through Knowledge: Simply put, being informed about the tools and strategies available for protection and security empowers individuals and communities.
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