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Ballistic DuraBarrier®

Exterior Transformer Fire Barrier with Ballistic Protection

The Ballistic DuraBarrier® combines all the great transformer fire protection properties (fire, blast, moisture, and impact resistance) of the DuraBarrier® with the added capability of ballistic protection.

Why ballistic protection?

Thoughout North America there have been many incidents where criminals or “terrorists” have wantonly destroyed transformers with weapons such as handguns, shotguns and even assult rifles.

One such attack occurred at a northern California substation where gunmen unleashed 100 high powered rounds into 17 large transformers. This violent act of destruction cost millions of dollars to repair and wreaked havoc on the electrical system. These malicious crimes have led utilities to seek a viable solution for protecting key infrastructure such as transformers. These attacks have also led to the implementation by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) of CIP -014 Physical Security Reliability Standard. Protecting critical infrastructure such as transformers is now a matter of national security.

A Ballistic DuraBarrier® should be part of your protection solution offering transformer fire protection and can be designed to meet either UL752- Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment from Level 1 to 10 or for the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)-Ballistic Testing Standard from Level llA to Level lV.

Gun crimes against critical power infrastructure can cost utilities millions of dollars and disrupt the vital flow of electricity. Make the Ballistic DuraBarrier® part of your security plan.

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Ballistic DuraBarrier

A Ballistic DuraBarrier® installation.

Ballistic Barrier

A Ballistic DuraBarrier® installation with girt protection.