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DuraBarrier® SF

Exterior Transformer Fire Separation Barrier for Limited Spaces

The DuraBarrier® SF is a 4 hour hydrocarbon tested small footprint fire barrier designed to fit in a confined space & prevent exterior transformer fires from spreading to adjacent transformers or buildings thus helping to mitigate the damage of a transformer fire.

Transformer fires are an all too common event in our ever expanding high tech world. An aging electrical grid and increased demand on old & volatile transformers has made the fire separation of these ticking time bombs a critical safety requirement. The oil fueled fires that result from transformer failures can cause incredible damage to buildings and other surrounding electrical equipment, not to mention the possibility of injury to site personnel.

To help mitigate the damage from these transformer fires, DuraSystems has designed the DuraBarrier® SF, a light weight, modular fire separation system that has been tested up to 4 hours hydrocarbon fire resistance. The DuraBarrier® SF transformer fire wall meets the stringent requirements of NFPA 850 for exterior transformers and is used at major utilities throughout North America.

The DuraBarrier® SF modular system requires no welding, and simply bolts together for a quick, easy installation. The system can also be disassembled to allow for maintenance in tight space retrofit applications, is pre-engineered for geographic wind speeds (3 second gust) up to 200mph, and is seismic resistant. The DuraBarrier® SF can be designed to permit barriers of almost any height, with no limitations on the available lengths, and to require minimal foundations. DuraBarrier® SF transformer fire wall can be supported by either Continuous or spread Pier foundations making it ideal for areas where underground disturbances must be kept to a minimum. The standard DuraBarrier® SF is designed to span 12 feet between columns however if there’s a need for wider column centers or greater wall heights the DuraBarrier® SF can be designed to meet your requirements. DuraBarrier® SF’s Small Footprint design makes it ideal for tight space installations.

The DuraBarrier® SF is a light weight, removable, and easy to install exterior transformer fire protection barrier that will help protect people and property from the potentially devastating effects of a transformer fire.

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