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Blast Resistant Duct: Best Possible Protection

  • Date: August 23, 2017
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For certain applications, a blast resistant duct creates a safer environment. Whether used in laboratories or for security related applications, the right system is essential to ensure fresh air gets to where it is needed. The best ducts on the market consist of non-combustible metal sheets that are bonded mechanically to a fiber cement core. Because of this innovative design and the materials used, the ducts provide the necessary protection from blasts, as well as fire and impacts.

For the best possible protection, a blast test of the duct system is critical. By performing an actual blast test on the duct, the expert can demonstrate exactly how much overpressure the system can withstand. For example, testing might show the that a duct system can withstand a blast of 2 Bar. Regardless of the type of system that you are most interested in, it is important to go through a reputable manufacturing company that tests their systems at accredited test facilities.

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Today, blast ducts are incredibly advanced. For example, you could choose a system with blast resistance and a two-hour resistance fire post blast. A product like DuraDuct HP is a great example and withstands a 2 Bar blast overpressure without developing any through openings. For its level of protection, the manufacturer uses a series of prefabricated sections joined with a bolted connection system to produce this system. Although this product was the first fire-related ventilation system to have undergone testing in North America, it remains one of the best systems on the market. For both of these products, you would benefit immediately upon the completion of installation.

Unfortunately, blasts and fires pose a real danger for many industries. Not only do these occurrences wreak havoc on property, but they also threaten human lives. You want your employees to work in a safe environment. By working in a safe environment, your employees will have a greater sense of confidence, which ultimately translates to improved productivity.

Due to the importance of resistance blast ducts, you want to implement the best possible system. At DuraSystems, we offer our customers multiple solutions, including the DuraDuct HP products, among others. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call.