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Blast Wall: Providing Ultimate Fire Protection to Your Property

Blast_Wall.jpgJust as the name implies, a blast wall is a type of fire and blast protection wall designed to protect vulnerable buildings and structures. If a nearby explosion occurs, not only is the physical structure protected, but most importantly, so are the humans inside. While some blasts are accidental, such as those caused by an industrial incident, others, like acts of terrorism, are malicious.

A fire and blast protection wall is the ideal solution to protect your business and workers. Although explosions and even intentional bombings might do some damage, with this type of wall erected, the damage level decreases dramatically, resulting in less risk of an operation shut-down and injury to human life.

To ensure the wall performs at the appropriate level, experts conduct blast tests on the assembly. As part of this, a professional can provide UFC, ISO, ASTM, or GSA testing as required, as well as custom testing on the key materials used. This testing should give you the assurance that the erected wall will provide the protection that you need, when you need it.

Especially with growing threats from some countries, an increasing number of businesses in North America recognize the importance of having a barrier against blasts and explosions. While no one wants anything to happen, even an accidental blast at an industrial site could cause significant damage if a wall isn’t installed.

If your company processes or handles oil, gas, chemicals, or other potentially explosive materials, a wall is essential. Depending on your blast threat and the barrier system chosen, you could have up to six full hours of protection. Surprisingly, you can install some of the best walls on the market today in very little time and without a lot of effort, while still getting incredible fire and blast protection.

Along with protection from fire, a wall such as this would mitigate damage caused by flying debris and even intensified the pressure. The best way to promote a safe work environment and keep the business operating in the event of an accident or attack is with a fire and blast protection wall. Especially for blasts followed by fires, trying to prevent the spread of damage is challenging, but with a blast wall, the problem gets quickly rectified.

Protecting Your Business

To provide your workers with a safe environment and to prevent damage to your building or other structures, please contact us at DuraSystems. We have several superior products against this and other threats.