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Can DuraWall™ Panels Save Your Business?

  • Date: March 25, 2019
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Although all businesses have some risk of fire, other companies have to take extra precautions. If your company deals with chemicals, fertilizer, or other potentially dangerous materials, it becomes even more important to do everything you can to protect your workers, structures, and equipment. An excellent way to accomplish that goal is by installing DuraWall™.

Easy-to-install Durawall™ panels offer excellent protection from fire, whether intentional or accidental. In addition to their incredible fire protection, these panels also help block out excessive noise. As a result, they keep people and property safe. Instead of facing a devastating event that could shut down your organization, it makes perfect sense to check out the DuraWall™.

You’ve worked too hard to have a fire destroy everything. What makes DuraWall™ panels unique is their design. Constructed around a composite panel with a steel face, and with a non-combustible core made of high-density mineral fibre, it’s difficult for a fire to break past the barrier. For added peace of mind, the DuraWall™ system is UL/ULC-listed with a fire rating of up to two hours.

During those two hours, the panels keep a fire from spreading and causing additional damage. That amount of time gives first responders the opportunity to arrive on the scene, set up, and put any blazes out. Without fire spreading, other critical components of your operation remain intact. Because of that, you can continue operating without interruption.

Designed with male and female connections, you can install the DuraWall™ panels in little time. In fact, if you decide to move them to another part of the building or you relocate your entire organization, you can quickly dismantle the panels and take them along.

Because installation requires little time and effort, you’ll spend far less on labor costs. All you need is a licensed contractor willing to do the work. Even the price of the DuraWall™ system is affordable. With so many advantages, there’s no reason not to install a barrier that can save your business, and even more importantly, human life.

Another advantage of the DuraWall™ panels is they come in a variety of sizes. Even if you need to protect a larger area, you can by using the oversized panels. You can also use this system for both indoor and outdoor applications. With a rating of up to R23 for thermal efficiency, they work incredibly well.

The Best Fire Protection

You can learn more about the DuraWall™ panels by contacting us at DuraSystems. Protect everything you’ve worked for with the simple installation of the DuraWall™ system.