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DuraSteel – Enhance Your Fire Protection System

Are you looking for a way to increase your existing passive fire protection system with something rated for both blast and fire, designed specifically for enclosures, ceilings, walls, barriers, and ducts? One company has an innovative solution called DuraSteel. When used in conjunction with its other passive fire protection systems, this unique board provides fire protection for up to six hours. In addition, it offers up to 2.3 bar or 33 psi blast protection. Without the proper system, a fire...

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Why Is It Important to Do a Duct Test Before a Renovation?

As part of any residential or commercial renovation project, you need to make multiple decisions, all of which are essential. However, one thing considered critical that people tend to overlook is a duct test. Following a strict duct leakage test procedure, an expert can quantify the rate of leakage associated with a duct system. Today, one of the most significant sources of energy loss comes from leaks in forced air duct systems. If you experience this problem, that means that...

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Components of a DuraSteel Composite Panel

When it comes to high-impact and blast-resistant panels, DuraSteel is the best product on the market. Used for a variety of applications, including ventilation ducts, ceilings, walls, and industrial purposes such as hatch covers, doors, valve box enclosures, fuel pipe protection, and more, this panel ensures optimal protection. Unrivaled Benefits For a better understanding and appreciation of the DuraSteel Panel, consider some of the primary benefits. Provides between one to six hours of fire protection depending on the application Withstands...

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