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The Essential Guide to PFP

PFP is one of the primary components of any fire safety strategy. To keep people safe and to reduce fire and smoke damage, PFP plays a critical role. This protection comes in different forms, including: Limited Spread — Because fire, heat, and smoke are contained in a single compartment within the area of origin, the spread is limited. Escape Time — Escape routes are protected, thereby providing occupants with maximum escape time. Full Protection — Both the building structure and...

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Active Fire Protection vs. Passive Fire Protection

It is common for people to confuse the terms active fire protection and passive fire protection. Although these are different concepts, they are intended to complement one another when used properly. This is why it is important to learn the differences between them. With passive fire protection, it is difficult for a fire to start and spread within a building. Included in the design are fire walls and doors, along with fire retardant materials that are critical in preventing a...

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How to Achieve 4-Hour Fire Rated Protection

While many buildings have a 1- or 2-hour fire rating, 4-hour fire rated protection can easily save lives. To accomplish a four-hour rating, several elements must be considered. DoorsDoors have a fire rating classification based on the fire rating of the wall into which they are installed. The location in the building and the current building code are used to establish the fire rating of the wall. The rating is broken down by time for steel fire doors. Typically, this...

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