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Challenges Faced When Using Traditional Transformer Fire Protection Technologies

  • Date: November 17, 2017
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Transformer_Fire_Protection.jpgMore than likely, you have witnessed the sky light up in a bright blue color in response to a blown transformer. While the effect is stunning, in the wrong situation, this causes a major fire risk. For that reason, many businesses rely on transformer explosion prevention. The problem is that, if you still use traditional transformer fire protection technologies, the level of safety is not where it should be for your building, interior property, and human lives.

Thanks to new technologies, transformer fire protection systems are highly innovative. Not only are various systems easy to install, but they also work efficiently in protecting your business from the devastation of fire. To better appreciate the tremendous advances made, you need to look at the challenges that go hand-in-hand with an outdated system.

Fueled by oil, firefighters cannot just douse the flames of a transformer fire with water. Although active fire suppression systems are helpful, unless you also rely on passive fire protection, you put your business and employees at risk. Unfortunately, many people have not updated their system to include passive protection.

When a transformer fire breaks out, it spreads quickly. Because this is an aggressive fire, getting it under control becomes a monumental task once the flames take over. Therefore, you need to implement new transformer fire protection systems that work from a passive standpoint. With these systems, you have anywhere from two to six hours of fire prevention.

That means that instead of a transformer fire immediately spreading to adjacent equipment or buildings, a specialized fire barrier will contain the fire to the point of origin helping mitigate the fire’s impact. During that time, you can take several actions to ensure the safety of your workers, the building, and your other important assets. As long as the flames get held back, firefighters can swoop in, and with the appropriate type of foam or gel, bring the fire under control.

Instead of depending just on protection just an active fire protection system, you desperately need a passive system as well. This new technology comes with a variety of options. A perfect example is a product called DuraBarrier® and the new smaller footprint DuraBarrier® SF. Designed as exterior transformer fire separation barriers, you can get up to six full hours of protection. By mitigating a transformer fire, there is less destruction.

This lightweight modular fire separation system is among the best new technologies. Professionally designed and thoroughly tested, this system is compliant with the requirements of NFPA 850. With advanced capabilities, this system has become one of the leading choices for major utility companies in North America although it benefits many other businesses.

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By using old fire protection technologies, you take a considerable risk. To improve fire safety at your business, please contact us at DuraSystems. We have the perfect solution based on your needs.