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Different Types of Enclosures That Help in Noise Reduction

  • Date: March 03, 2022
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Noise levels in factories and industrial facilities can be extraordinarily high and lead to various health problems for workers. However, you can use many different enclosure types to help reduce noise. We look at some of the most common noise-reducing enclosures used in factories. We'll also briefly include factors to consider when choosing the acoustic enclosure for your facility .

Why You Need Acoustic Enclosures

Many businesses need equipment to work well, like fans, generators, and pumps. But all these machines make a lot of noise.

To comply with local health and safety regulations, wearing hearing protection in high-noise areas is often necessary. All this protective gear can be expensive, and ensuring compliance with the rules can be difficult. To avoid this, you can use enclosures instead to deal with the noise.

Types of Acoustic Enclosures

There are many noise enclosure types, and the best kind for a particular application will depend on the specific noise-reduction requirements. Here are some of the most common types of acoustic enclosures:

1. Soundproofing Enclosures Soundproofing enclosures isolate the noise source from the surrounding environment entirely. It achieves soundproofing by using thick walls and special acoustic seals to prevent noise from leaking out. Soundproofing enclosures are for highly sensitive applications, such as recording studios and medical facilities.

2. Noise Absorption Enclosures Noise absorption enclosures absorb noise rather than prevent it from leaking out. This type of noise enclosure uses acoustic insulation material on the walls of the enclosure. Use noise absorption enclosures in applications where complete noise isolation is unnecessary, such as office spaces and school classrooms.

3. Sound Attenuation Enclosures Sound attenuation enclosures reduce the noise level of the enclosed equipment without completely isolating it from the surrounding environment. They use acoustic baffles and other sound-dampening materials inside the enclosure.

You can find sound attenuation enclosures in many industrial applications, such as machine shops and printing plants.

4. Machine Enclosures Machine enclosures protect workers from noise and other hazards generated by the enclosed equipment. They have safety features integrated, such as interlocking doors and emergency stop buttons.

Industries use this type of sound enclosure in areas where worker safety is a concern, such as manufacturing plants and automotive assembly lines.

5. Acoustic Barriers Acoustic barriers reflect or absorb noise, preventing it from reaching the other side. Acoustic barriers use acoustic panels made of sound-absorbing material. They find widespread use in factories and power plants.

Get Effective Acoustic Enclosures for Your Business

Acoustic enclosures are an effective way to reduce noise levels in industrial and commercial applications. When choosing an acoustic enclosure, it is essential to consider the following:

  • noise level of the enclosed equipment
  • size of the enclosure
  • the environment in which you will use the enclosure

With so many different types of acoustic enclosures available, there is sure to be one that meets your specific needs. For more information, contact DuraSystems today.