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Duct Access Door: The Difference Between a Safe and Unsafe Business

  • Date: August 24, 2018
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grease_duct.jpgWhether you have an existing kitchen or plan to build or remodel one, make sure you take every safety precaution possible. The simple decision of choosing an exhaust system with a listed grease duct access door could be enough to save your business and possibly, human lives. Commercial kitchen fires are all too common, with more than 60 percent started by the buildup of grease or fat dripping onto a heat source.

This is why companies that manufacture passive fire protection systems must follow strict compliance rules. Today, most responsible restaurant owners have commercial exhaust systems with additional grease duct access doors in place. That way, people can quickly, frequently, and efficiently clean the ducts by removing the oil and grease, down to bare metal, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of a fire.

When you select a company for passive fire suppression systems, always confirm it meets the latest code requirements. Specifically, verify the access doors on ducts meet or exceed the requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96, as well as all applicable local mechanical codes. If not, you would put your business, vital components, and even human life in harm’s way.

Different Options

As you look at different grease duct access doors, you will notice that a reputable company offers more than one option. For instance, you can choose between doors made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, as well as galvanized steel. Regardless, they are all UL/ULC listed, giving you complete peace of mind in your decision.

You can even choose a zero-clearance system, which is perfect for tight spaces and low-hung ceilings. With a variety of shapes and sizes, there is a perfect solution for any kitchen. As pre-manufactured products, you never have to worry about loose seams. Instead, these grease duct systems are as solid as they come.

Best of all, you can choose grease duct access doors that weigh very little and are easy to install. These kitchen exhaust ducting systems only require a cut around a template to accommodate the doors. That means there is no need tools or welding. If wanted, you can even remove the doors to reinstall them on a different system.

Full Protection

In addition to a host of systems designed for interior protection, DuraSystems has exterior solutions such as transformer fire protection. For anyone with an electrical transformer substation, especially one many years old, fire protection is critical. The problem is that with increasing consumer demand, outdated transformers have a hard time keeping up, putting them at risk of a fire.

Your Most Trusted Source

At DuraSystems, we offer superior-quality grease duct access doors, as well as transformer fire protection solutions, plus more. To protect your investment and the people who work for you, call to speak with a company representative today.