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VaughanAir - DuraDuct

The DuraDuct™ line of prefabricated duct systems offer protection in virtually any situation.

DuraDuct™ GNX : Lightweight 2 Hour Fire Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ HP : The Largest 2 Hour Fire and Blast Resistant Duct

DuraDuct™ KEX : 2 Hour, Zero Clearance, Kitchen Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ SED : Kitchen Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ LXD : Laboratory Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ DXD : Dishwasher Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ HXD : Fire Rated Hazardous/Laboratory Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ 2HR : 2 Hour E119/S101 Fire Rated Duct and Enclosure

DuraDuct™ 3HR : 3 Hour Fire Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ 4HR : 4 Hour Fire Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ BRD : Ballistic Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ UCR : Underground Corrosion Resistant Duct

Acoustic Enhancement Option : Acoustic Option for DuraDuct™ Systems

Grease Duct Access Doors