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DuraDuct 4HR

4-Hour Fire Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ 4HR is the only 4-hour fire rated duct system on the market.

DuraDuct™ 4HR is a single source 4-hour fire rated, zero clearance ventilation duct system ideal for applications when the highest degree of fire protection is required. The DuraDuct™ 4HR provides the flexibility you need to get the job done right. Once the DuraDuct™ 4HR is installed, the fire rating is achieved immediately without the need for any additional treatment of the duct.

The DuraDuct™ 4HR system is easily inspected as the pre-fabricated design eliminates the need to closely monitor the site installation variables so often found with wrap and enclosure type systems.

Pair the DuraDuct™ 4HR with DuraSystems’ 4 hour fire rated walls and ceilings to source a complete design solution for extreme environment applications.

DuraDuct™ 4HR Listing Numbers: UL listing BXUV G302
                                                    UL listing BXUV V460

When the highest degree of fire protection is needed the DuraDuct™ 4HR is the solution you can trust to protect your facility.

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DuraDuct 4HR
4 Hour Fire Rated Duct  

DuraDuct™ 4HR installations.