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Acoustic Enhancement Option

Acoustic Option for DuraDuct Systems

A DuraDuct acoustic option can be added to any DuraDuct ventilation system to help reduce fan noise and still allow for superior fire protection.

All DuraDuct ventilation systems offer outstanding fire protection with excellent breakout noise reduction capabilities. Sometimes, however, excessive fan noise traveling through the duct calls for an enhanced noise reduction solution. By enhancing the inside of any DuraDuct ventilation system with acoustic material the DuraDuct acoustic option helps reduce unwanted fan noise problems while the outer shell of the DuraDuct system still provides fire, impact and moisture resistance without the need for additional wraps or enclosures. With an overall footprint just slightly larger than the DuraDuct system, the DuraDuct acoustic option offers a slim, lightweight and maintenance-free acoustic solution.

The slim profile DuraDuct Acoustic option can be added to any DuraDuct ventilation system to help combat challenging fan noise issues, while still allowing for superior fire protection.

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Acoustic Duct

A DuraDuct HP with acoustic enhancement.