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DuraDuct™ HP

2-Hour Fire & Blast Rated Duct System

The largest 2-hour UL/ULC fire rated duct system that also provides blast resistance.

DuraDuct™ HP was the first fire rated ventilation system tested in North America and continues to offer fire, blast and structural capabilities that are the best in the industry.

Fabricated using DuraSteel, a unique non-combustible material consisting of two metal sheets mechanically bonded to a fiber cement core that is fire, blast, moisture and impact resistant, the DuraDuct™ HP creates a safer environment than standard duct systems.

The space saving DuraDuct™ HP arrives to the project site ready for installation. Once installed, the fire resistance rating is achieved immediately without the need for external wraps or enclosures of any kind, thus eliminating multiple trade co-ordination and helping to improve the overall project schedule.

DuraDuct™ HP Listing Numbers: UL listing HNLJ V-15

DuraDuct™ HP is regarded today as the premier fire and blast rated duct solution when the primary goal is protecting people and property worldwide.

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Patent : www.durasystems.com/patents

Blast Resistant Duct

DuraDuct™ HP plenum.

2 Hour Fire Rated Duct

Large DuraDuct™ HP installation in a subway system.