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DuraDuct 2HR

ETL Listed ASTM E119 & CAN/ULC-S101 Fire Resistive Assemblies

DuraSystems DuraDuct™ model 2HR is a direct code-compliant fire resistive rated solution.

DuraDuct™ 2HR is the industry’s first and only ventilation duct and enclosure assembly specifically designed to meet International Mechanical Code (IMC), International Building Code (IBC) and National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) requirements for fire resistance. This assembly also addresses internal and external fire exposures and achieves the specific application requirements for moving air, addressing containment and structural supporting requirements, providing a complete single source solution.

Shaft enclosures shall meet the code requirements of Section 703 in the IBC which requires ASTM E119 or UL 263 certification as well as the NBCC which requires CAN/ULC-S101 to determine the fire resistance rating.

When alternate materials and methods fall short of meeting the requirements of code prescribed fire resistance ratings, DuraSystems’ 2HR is the solution.

 Product Features & Solutions:

  • IBC, IMC & NBCC code compliance
  • Hazardous & laboratory exhaust (DuraDuct LXD)
  • Pipe/containment enclosures
  • Air & liquid tight assembly tested under fire condition
  • Mechanical protection
  • New York City building code for vertical applications
  • NFPA 90A & 90B compliance for vertical shaft assemblies

For a code-compliant, single source solution, DuraSystems’ DuraDuct 2HR is the clear choice!

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DuraDuct 2HR as Duct

DuraDuct™ 2HR as a duct.

DuraDuct 2HR as Enclosure

DuraDuct™ 2HR as an enclosure.

Patent : www.durasystems.com/patents