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DuraDuct™ 3HR

3-Hour Fire Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ 3HR is the slimmest 3-hour fire resistance rated duct system in the industry.

DuraDuct™ 3HR is a 3-hour fire resistance rated, zero clearance ventilation duct system with a slim profile that helps you maximize space.

DuraDuct™ 3HR is impact and moisture resistant as well as maintenance free.  As the industry’s thinnest 3-hour fire rated duct system, this slim profile is achieved by eliminating the need for bulky wraps and enclosures.

Once installed, the fire rating is achieved immediately without the need for additional treatment of any kind, thus eliminating multiple trade co-ordination while helping to improve the overall project schedule.

Installed, DuraDuct™ 3HR is suspended on steel threaded rods and support cradles that are fully tested under fire conditions as recorded in the product UL listings. Further, due to the system being factory fabricated under UL follow-up, the duct system is easily inspected as the pre-fabricated design eliminates site installation variables that must be closely monitored to ensure full compliance with listings and tested configurations.

DuraDuct™ 3HR Listing Number: UL listing HNLJ V-23

DuraDuct™ 3HR is manufactured to meet project specific SMACNA leakage and deflection requirements and has unique acoustic properties to offer an extended ability for single source design solutions.

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3 Hour Fire Rated Duct

DuraDuct™ 3HR installation.