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DuraDuct™ BRD

Pre-fabricated Ballistic-Rated Duct System

DuraDuct™ BRD provides ballistic resistance up to UL752 Level 3 or National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA.

DuraDuct™ BRD offers ballistic protection against penetration and passage of fragments. It is designed to preserve the stability and integrity of the mechanical ventilation system from the high impact of a ballistic threat.

Used in high security facilities to provide emergency supply air to safe rooms, DuraDuct™ BRD provides the protection required for safe shelter and safe egress for personnel in emergency situations.

DuraDuct™ BRD is a double wall system with a lightweight ballistic core which is 25% lighter than equivalent ballistic systems. Three levels of ballistic protection are currently available, ranging from UL752 Level 1 (NIJ Level I), capable of resisting multiple rounds from a 9mm firearm, to UL752 Level 3 (NIJ Level IIIA) capable of resisting multiple rounds from a .44 Magnum at close range.

DuraDuct™ BRD is a versatile ballistic-rated duct system designed for protection of critical life safety ventilation systems in high risk operations.

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Ballistic Duct

 DuraDuct™ BRD during fabrication.