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DuraDuct™ SED

Single Wall Kitchen Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ SED is a pre-manufactured, single wall kitchen exhaust duct system, rated for 18” clearance to combustibles.

As the largest UL 1978 and CAN/ULC-S662 listed exhaust duct system in the industry, DuraDuct™ SED is compliant with the requirements of the International Mechanical Code (IMC), National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes.

Featuring 108” long sections and installer-friendly companion flange connections that include a high temperature liquid-tight sealing system, the DuraDuct™ SED system eliminates the dangerous field welding required for contractor fabricated grease duct systems. The rectangular footprint provides designers of Type I and Type II commercial kitchen exhaust duct systems with the flexibility to achieve required air flows when shallow ceiling spaces limit the size of the ducts.

This system is also ideal for projects where multiple hoods are required to be combined into a common (manifold) duct, giving the designer the ability to reduce the space required and the cost of installing multiple duct runs.

Constructed using code compliant 16 gauge steel or 18 gauge stainless steel, DuraDuct™ SED’s inner liner and outer surfaces are easily cleaned of grease or other contaminants, helping to ensure the longevity and compliance of the system.

DuraDuct™ SED listing number: ETL listing DSB FMF 30-01

Extensive structural, fire and leakage testing has been performed on the DuraDuct™ SED system, helping to ensure a safe solution for new restaurant exhaust systems, commercial kitchens and retrofitting kitchen exhaust duct systems. 

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Patent : www.durasystems.com/patents



Kitchen Exhaust Duct

A DuraDuct™ SED fitting.

Grease Duct

DuraDuct™ SED connected to an existing exhaust system.