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DuraDuct™ LXD

Laboratory Exhaust Duct

DuraDuct™ LXD is a single wall laboratory exhaust duct system.

The DuraDuct™ LXD system eliminates the field welding required for contractor fabricated laboratory duct systems. Featuring installer friendly companion flange connections that include a chemically inert and liquid tight gasketed sealing system, LXD has been third party tested at pressures up to +/- 10” w.g. in accordance with ASHRAE/SMACNA Standard 126.
For hazardous exhaust systems that require pressure decay testing to ASME N510, “Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems”, DuraDuct™ LXD has also been third party tested to N510 at pressures up to +/- 10” w.g.

The duct may be supplied in a rectangular or round footprint providing additional flexibility that allows designers to achieve the required air flows when shallow ceiling spaces or shaft requirements limit the duct size. The duct is offered in minimum 18 gauge 304 or 316 stainless steel with fully welded seams. The DuraDuct™ LXD patented flange design allows a flat surface for gasket application, offering a complete, cost effective exhaust solution. Access doors are available and are factory installed and pressure tested prior to delivery to site. Common duct components such as end caps, terminations, fume hoods and fan adaptors are included in the complete LXD system scope.

A 2-hour fire rated version, DuraDuct HXD, is also available.

Extensive structural, fire and leakage testing has been performed on the DuraDuct™ LXD system ensuring a safe solution for new construction or retrofitting of laboratory exhaust duct systems.

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Patent : www.durasystems.com/patents

Laboratory Exhaust Duct

Lab Exhaust Duct