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DuraDuct™ UCR

Underground Corrosion Resistant Duct

The prefabricated DuraDuct™ UCR is a corrosion resistant, underground duct system.

DuraDuct™ UCR is a stainless steel underground duct system that is designed to provide superior structural strength and integrity in a variety of harsh underground environments. Available in both round and rectangular cross sections, the UCR system uses a proven liquid and air tight bolted joint connection, helping to reduce installation time, and does not require any additional reinforcing or supports, the bane of most underground duct systems.

With a fully customizable design, DuraDuct™ UCR is engineered to the  specific requirements of each project. The unique design of the DuraDuct™ UCR system can eliminate the requirement for concrete encasement of the ductwork and reduces the excavation and backfill required.

The DuraDuct™ UCR duct assembly is shipped to site with fully welded and tested seams, ensuring a leak free installation. With a  smooth inner surface allowing for effective air movement and available in lengths up to 10 feet, DuraDuct™ UCR is your answer when looking for a quick, easy, and cost effective installation.

DuraSystems offers a comprehensive selection of fittings and configurations to suit your project’s needs.

DuraDuct™ UCR is a unique pre-fabricated rectangular underground duct system that is ideal for corrosive environments.

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Underground Corrosion Resistant Duct
Underground Duct

Cutaway views of installed DuraDuct™ UCR.