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Grease Duct Access Doors

Single Skin Access Doors

UL/ULC listed single skin grease duct access doors that meet or exceed all NFPA 96 and mechanical code requirements.

DuraSystems’ UL/ULC listed grease duct access doors are available in galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel construction and can be used in zero clearance systems. They come in various shapes and size, including curved designs for installation on round duct.

DuraSystems’ UL1978 listed grease doors are light weight and easy to install, as no frame is required and a cut around template sticker is provided. The grease duct access doors require no welding and no tools are required for removal or reinstallation. The doors ship with the gasket, rated for 1500°F (816°C), already installed and a single rigid handle which eliminates the misalignment problems so often seen in grease duct access door installations.

Listing Numbers: UL listing YYXS MH26975

DuraSystems’ Grease Duct Access Doors are easy to install and remove and are the perfect solution to allow for proper cleaning of your grease duct system.

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Patent : www.durasystems.com/patents

Grease Duct Access Door

A curved access door installation.