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DuraBarrier®: Transformer Fire Separation Provides Excellent Protection

  • Date: April 21, 2017
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Although a sky lit up in blue looks pretty amazing when a transformer blows, this event is quite dangerous. Fortunately, by using a transformer fire separation system, any risk is dramatically decreased. The DuraBarrier® system ensures appropriate transformer clearance from a building, thereby protecting the structure itself, other buildings and transformers, and any people inside or within close proximity.

This system, which is offered by the industry leader DuraSystems, follows very strict transformer separation requirements established by NFPA 850 in relation to exterior transformers. For that reason, is it the preferred fire mitigation system used by major utility companies throughout North America.

transformer fire separation

In many environments, a small fire can quickly spread to a devastating level. The DuraBarrier® system works by mitigating the damage associated with a transformer fire by preventing it from spreading. A big problem is that an overwhelming number of high-tech companies still rely on outdated electrical grids. That combined with the fact that increasing demand is placed on old transformers, it is just a matter of time before something goes horribly wrong.

The DuraBarrier® system, which is perfectly designed and engineered by DuraSystems, works to mitigate transformer fires. This is a lightweight modular fire separation system proven to provide up to six hours of fire resistance. What makes this extremely reliable and effective system unique is that it is bolted together for easy and quick installation. In addition, when used for retrofit applications in tight spaces, it can be disassembled for maintenance just as easily. This DuraBarrier® system is also seismic resistant and pre-engineered for wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

Another unique design element of the DuraBarrier® separation system is that it can be configured for most any height and for length, there are no limitations. Based on your specific requirements, this system can be installed with minimal foundations, in either a continuous foundation or spread pier style. The latter option is ideal if your company is located in an area affected by underground services or other disturbances.

If you are interested in the DuraBarrier® separation system or other systems designed for optimal protection, please visit our website. At DuraSystems, we manufacture state-of-the-art solutions. You can also contact us by phone to speak with a company representative to get answers or to discuss a system based on your business needs.