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DuraSteel for the Power Sectors

For both residential and commercial power sectors, it is essential to implement passive fire protection. Using fire and blast protection assemblies, key industries, including the medical, military defense, finance, and transportation sectors, and even all levels of government have enhanced protection in the event of a fire. Even a split-second total power outage is enough to create disastrous results for these industries and the millions of people who rely on the services they provide.

Just imagine a large bank, a hospital, a subway, or the defense department losing power. Businesses and government agencies recognize the potential risk even a small fire can bring. For that reason, they select the best passive fire protection system available. If you want to prevent the spread of a fire within your premises, DuraSteel is without question the most reliable and effective product on the market.

The non-combustible panel is what makes this product unique from anything else on the market. In addition to providing fire protection, DuraSteel is also blast-resistant. Through extensive testing, the experts found that DuraSteel provides up to six full hours of fire resistance and as high as 2.3 bar of blast resistance. With an innovative design, this material is an effective fire protection solution to a wide variety of applications.

The fire and blast protection assemblies of DuraSteel include two metal face sheets mechanically bonded to a fiber cement core. Due to the superior strength of this product, it is commonly the first choice for those with harsh indoor environments. It also presents a viable option for application in outdoor environments.

In addition to blast and fire resistance, DuraSteel can withstand impact and moisture. You might think a top-of-the-line fire protection system like this would require a significant amount of maintenance, but in reality, there is minimal upkeep. Once installed, your organization can forget about it until inspection time.

Although the product comes in a standard panel size of 1200mm x 2500mm x 9.5mm thick, or approximately 48” x 96” x 3/8”. This passive system also has a galvanized finish although you can opt for a stainless steel finish if preferred.

Whether a fire breaks out or a blast occurs by accident or as part of a terrorist threat, you want to have all the necessary preparations in place.

Unbeatable Protection

For the safety of your employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers, along with the building and infrastructure nearby, it is crucial you have the right system in place. DuraSystems, the supplier of DuraSteel, is a leader in the fire protection industry. For more information about this fire and blast resistant board or to learn about other solutions we provide, we invite you to visit our website or call to speak with a company representative.