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Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures for Noisy Equipment and Machinery

DuraSystems offers a line of acoustic enclosures that help mitigate unwanted sound, or “noise”, in critical areas of a building.

The acoustic enclosures can be designed to either reduce the noise at the source or simply contain the noise so that it does not break out to other areas where lower sound levels are desired.

The vast majority of companies require dedicated mechanical equipment like fans, generators or pumps, to ensure their daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. The side effect of such equipment is that they generate a high level of sound. Local health and safety regulations require that hearing protection be worn in areas where certain noise thresholds are exceeded. Just one piece of noisy equipment could require all personnel to wear hearing protection, which can pose to be an expensive proposition when you consider the cost of the actual hearing protection equipment and the enforcement of the health and safety regulations. The potential for hearing damage to personnel and expensive injury claims are also an ever present danger in noisy industrial environments. Local bylaws may also require that businesses maintain a specific sound level outside the building during day or night time operations. Excessive sound can result in noise violation complaints from adjacent businesses or residents.

DuraSystems can design acoustic enclosures for your mechanical equipment and help reduce the need for cumbersome hearing protection, allowing you to provide a better and safer work environment. The design process requires a good understanding of the acoustics and sound transmission paths of the sound source. An effective design must be planned out in order to provide a cost-effective, long term reliable solution for the client.

DuraSystems can also design fire, impact and blast resistance features into acoustic enclosures so that one enclosure system meets all your equipment and personnel protection requirements.

DuraSystems’ acoustic enclosures are the ideal solution for mechanical equipment and help protect personnel while providing a better work environment.

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Acoustic Enclosure

An Acoustic Enclosure.

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