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Blast Enclosures

Blast Resistant Enclosures Protect Personnel, Equipment and Machinery

Blast enclosures with ratings for up to 2 bar blast overpressure to protect critical cabling, piping, equipment and machinery.

To help ensure your critical systems remain operational in the event of an explosion, Durasystems’ blast resistant enclosures are designed to mitigate the effects of this potentially devastating event.

DuraSystems can provide blast resistant enclosures with ratings for up to 2 bar blast overpressure which are designed to protect personnel work areas and other critical equipment from the potentially catastrophic consequences of an explosion.

Designed to fit the specific dimensions of your critical equipment the DuraSystems’ blast enclosures are easy to install and available in re-enterable configurations, to allow easy access for maintenance or inspection.

Quite often the explosion will result in the creation of a post blast fire, further complicating the emergency situation and requiring additional mitigation. To help mitigate the effects of these post blast fires, DuraSystems can add fire ratings up to 4 hours to the blast resistant enclosures.

DuraSystems’ blast resistant enclosures provide up to 2 bar blast overpressure protection and help keep your critical systems working in the event of an explosion.

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Blast Enclosure

A blast enclosure for rooftop equipment.