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Fire Rated Enclosures

Fire Protection Enclosures for Building Services and Equipment

DuraSystems’ fire enclosures are available with fire ratings up to 4 hours and are designed to protect you critical cabling, piping and control equipment in the event of fire.  

Critical systems or life safety systems are critical to the continuous safe operation or emergency shutdown of your facility and must remain operational even under emergency situations. DuraSystems can provide you with fire protection enclosures designed specifically for your operational needs. They are available in both permanent configurations, or where equipment access is required, re-enterable configurations. They are built to withstand some of the harshest environments Mother Nature can dish out.

Piping Enclosures

Re-enterable pipe enclosures with fire ratings up to 4 hours are available to protect your piping systems. DuraSystems has simple, cost effective solutions to protect your critical piping systems.

Electrical Enclosures

With electrical enclosures fire rated from 1 to 3 hours, DuraSystems has a fire rated enclosure system to meet all your cable and electrical protection needs. Enclosures designed to meet the stringent requirements of the nuclear industry where safe shut down is most critical, are also available. Enclosures can be constructed in the field or factory assembled. It is important to note that the re-enterable cable tray option allows for easy inspection or the addition of new cables to the cable tray. DuraSystems has the fire protection solution you need to protect your electrical cables.

Equipment Enclosures

Where there are pipes and cables you will most often come across fans, pumps and other critical pieces of equipment that need to be fire protected. DuraSystems can design and build fire rated enclosures specific to the requirements of your facilities’ critical equipment.

Fire Enclosures provide fire ratings up to 4 hours and are designed to help keep your critical building services functional during a fire. 

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Fire Rated Enclosure

 A fire-rated pipe enclosure.

Fire Rated Cable Tray Enclosure

A fire-rated cable tray enclosure.