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Fuel Oil Line Enclosures

ASTM E119 Listed Enclosures for Fuel Oil Lines in Accordance with NYC Building Code

DuraSystems ‘2HR’ enclosures are available with an E119 listed fire rating of 2 hours with a built-in containment provision designed to protect fuel oil lines in accordance with New York City Building Code

Critical systems such as fuel oil lines are critical to the safe operation of your facility and may be required to remain operational even under emergency situations. DuraSystems can provide you with the fire protection enclosures design specifically for your operational needs. These enclosure systems are built to ensure proper containment as well as mechanical exterior protection to withstand impact and ensure longevity.

Manufactured in accordance with MC 1305.9.3, DuraSystems’ ‘2HR’ fuel oil enclosure ensures the horizontal piping offsets shall be further enclosed in construction having a 2-hour fire-resistance rating. Fire-resistance ratings are determined in accordance with BC 703.2 where the fire-resistance rating of building elements, components or assemblies shall be determined in accordance with the test procedures set forth in ASTM E119.

The DuraSystems enclosure product may be used without prior DOB approval in horizontal applications as outlined in section 28-113.2:

“Use of materials. Except as set forth in sections 28-113.2.1 through 113.2.6 materials specifically prescribed by this code or department rules may be used as prescribed without the prior approval of the commissioner.”

The ASTM E119 enclosure is constructed of double wall metal ensuring a mechanical protection. The inner materials are of liquid tight 10ga steel construction  ensuring code compliant containment of the fuel oil lines which can be sloped to move any leaked fuel to the code required sump or 55-gallon container.

DuraSystems enclosures are a code compliant, single source solution for fuel oil lines that will translate to cost savings for your project!


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Fuel Oil Line Enclosure

 A fuel oil line enclosure.

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