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Enhancing Safety in Government Buildings through Ballistic Enclosures

  • Date: February 17, 2023
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Today, government agencies receive threats not only from terroristic groups overseas but also those on domestic soil. For that reason, government facilities and facilities have beefed up security. That includes implementing a ballistic barrier whenever it’s deemed necessary.

The Importance of Ballistic Barrier Products

Long before government agencies began to bolster security, members of law enforcement have been using ballistic barrier products. Bulletproof vests and shields are perfect examples.However, government officials soon realized that they and their facilities could be targets of various terrorist groups. As a result, they have no choice but to take all necessary precautions. For enhanced protection and peace of mind, leading manufacturers have stepped up to the plate. They create top-of-the-line products for all levels of the government to enhance security. One such product is a ballistic-rated enclosure. These enclosures or barriers are typically used to protect buildings and physical assets from damage by weapons firing up to 50 cal. rounds.  These ballistic barriers  can be designed to protect property, equipment, and human life. As an example, military bases and other restricted access government facilities often install  a ballistic rated enclosure  at every entry point of the facility. Before anyone’s allowed on the premises, they’re identified,  questioned , and if not assigned to that facility, must receive access approval before they are allowed to pass. Usually, an armed  security person oversees this task from the safety of a ballistic-rated enclosure, or guard shack.

Strict Product Standards

Today, people in the government need the best protection possible. That includes individuals working  at the local, state, and national levels. That’s where the services of reputable manufacturers come into play. They make ballistic barrier products that align with strict standards and regulations. As a general rule, local government offices and facilities use may only require “Level 3” ballistic barriers. However, some members of the military, as well as certain people in higher government positions, often need a heightened level of protection.

Extensive Testing

Before any ballistic barrier goes to a government agency or facility, as well as to a business  it must pass extensive testing. The UL 752 standards established by Underwriters Laboratories is just one example of a ballistic testing and rating system. The rating, or protection level, of a ballistic barrier product is determined by the   caliber and number of bullets it  must stop, along with  the shooting distance, and even the impact angle and locations.

Superior Ballistic Barrier Products

As a highly respected source for ballistic barriers, we take pride in the products manufactured and supplied. Not only does DuraSystems work with people working within but also small companies and large corporations that want enhanced security. To learn about the company and the broad range of available products, call to speak with a company representative today.