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Fire Protection for Common Grease Ducts

  • Date: April 18, 2019
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Grease Duct

If there’s one thing restaurant owners worry about the most, it’s a kitchen fire. Considering chefs prepare delicious meals using grills and hot oils, one slip up could prove disastrous. In fact, a small uncontrolled flame can quickly spread and ignite an entire building. This is why it’s imperative that you take the appropriate steps to keep your grease ducts clean and use the appropriate fire protection systems.

The problem with grease ducts is that if not cleaned on a consistent basis, as required by local building codes, a grease buildup accumulates in no time. The other issue is that a lot of grease duct systems are difficult to reach and do not have access to the duct’s interior at locations where the duct can be reached. Without an easy to open access door, people can become complacent about removing grease and other residue. Therefore, you need to have a strict policy in place regarding your grease duct cleaning schedule and ensure you have the right grease duct system in place.

The good news is that you have multiple solutions available, all competitively priced. For example, to prevent the spread of a grease duct fire, you must have a system installed that meets all code compliance requirements. Not only must this product meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association, but also the International Mechanical Code and the National Building Code of Canada.

These particular grease duct systems from DuraSystems have an easy to install design, and it boasts sections measuring 59-inches long These solutions works incredibly well for kitchens with more than one hood, all combined with a manifold duct. As a result, there’s less space required and the cost of installation decreases.

The basic option is a single wall grease duct system, requiring 18” clearance to combustibles. If you have applications that require a zero clearance two hour fire rating, a double walled grease duct system is the way to go. After installation, you enjoy immediate peace of mind. With a prefabricated design having listing labels on every section and code-compliant integrated access doors, it’s easy to inspect these systems.

You want your staff to feel safe and the people who visit your restaurant to have a relaxing time. With the right grease duct system, you accomplish both goals. Knowing there’s little risk, your kitchen staff can whip up amazing dishes. As the owner, you can focus your attention on other pressing business matters without worrying about a grease duct fire.

To make the cleaning process of existing grease ducts easier and less time-consuming, you can install additional DuraSystems grease duct access doors at locations where access to the grease duct is easiest. With those in place, there’s no excuse for not having the duct system cleaned on a regular basis. Like the other DuraSystems’ systems, these doors install quickly.

State-of-the-art Solutions

DuraSystems has become a leader in grease duct systems. With many different options available, we have a perfect solution based on your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more or to speak with one of our representatives.