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Fire Protection Systems that Every Business Needs

Fire is one of the most devastating disasters that businesses can experience. Not only does it destroy commercial structures, but it also irreversibly damages assets. Even worse, it can cause injury and loss of human life. That’s why it’s important to learn about fire protection systems, such as active and passive fire protection. With this knowledge, you can keep your business and workers safe.

Common Causes of Commercial Fires

According to experts, these represent the five most common causes of commercial fires.
  1. Cooking equipment and accumulated grease inside ducts
  2. Lighting equipment
  3. Heating equipment and systems
  4. Smoldering cigarettes
  5. Arson
Fire protection systems can reduce the damage caused by these fires and improve overall workplace safety.

Prevention and Protection Against Commercial Fires

Aside from keeping equipment clean and well-maintained, there are other ways to keep your assets and employees safe from fire. For instance, you can use both a passive fire protection system and an active fire protection system. Although these both work to battle fires, they’re unique in how they perform.

Passive Fire Protection System

This type of system prevents fire and smoke from spreading. For that reason, it’s highly effective in preventing the loss of assets. However, the greatest benefit of passive fire protection has to do with preventing loss of life. Here’s an example of how a passive fire protection system works. Say a fire breaks out in a storeroom. With this type of protection, you can stop the fire from spreading beyond that area. Typically, building owners have a fire protection system installed during the initial construction phase. However, you can always have a passive fire protection system installed after construction ends, due to changes in the use, or needs, of the building. Here are a just few examples:
  • Floors, ceilings, and walls made of fire- resistant materials
  • Fire doors
  • Fire rated ventilation systems
  • Smoke and fire curtains
  • Fire-resistant glass partitions

Active Fire Protection System

In comparison, an active fire protection system consists of products and solutions that are activated manually or automatically. While a passive system works to contain a fire, an active fire protection system directly battles flames. Using the same storeroom scenario, an active system would fight the flames contained by the passive fire protection system to limit the fire’s growth. Below are some examples of an active fire protection system.
  • Built-in sprinkle system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detector
  • Smoke exhaust systems, (eliminate smoke as opposed to an actual fire).
Even the firefighters who show up to battle fire and smoke are another type of active fire protection system. The good news is that you can rely on many different products. Even better, a representative with a respected manufacturer can recommend one or more solutions based on your specific needs. As mentioned, it’s always better to rely on active and passive fire protection.

The Ultimate Solution

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to take the necessary steps to protect your business. The best way to prevent fire from damaging your assets and injuring your employees is to use both a passive fire protection system and an active fire protection system. With this combination, you’ll have the best chance to prevent major losses. For professional assistance, contact DuraSystems. One of our expert team members can help you select the right products for your business.