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Fire & Blast Resistant Board

DuraSteel is a unique non-combustible panel that has been extensively tested in various fire and blast protection assemblies with up to 6 hours fire resistance and up to 2.3 bar blast resistance.

DuraSteel consists of two metal face sheets mechanically bonded to a fibre reinforced cement core making it an exceptionally robust material great for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. DuraSteel is fire, blast, moisture and impact resistant and once installed requires very little maintenance even in the most rugged situations.

DuraSteel is used in DuraSystems’ passive fire protection systems such as fire & blast rated ducts, enclosures, walls & ceilings, and barriers. DuraSteel has also been used extensively in rapid temperature rise hydrocarbon fire and blast assemblies with up to H120, post blast exposure fire ratings.

DuraSteel panels also have excellent acoustic properties and can greatly reduce the sound levels experienced on the non exposed face of DuraSteel assemblies.

DuraSteel ships in a standard 1200mm x 2500mm x 9.5mm thick (approximately 4ft x 8ft x 3/8”) sheet size, with a Z275/G90 galvanized finish. Optional sheet thickness of 6mm (1/4”) and 316-2B stainless steel finish are also available.

DuraSteel systems are easy to install and through extensive testing have proven to create a safer environment than standard systems in applications that require superior fire and blast protection.

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DuraSteel Fire & Blast Resistant Board