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Fire-Resistant Panels: Minimizing Fire Damage During Disasters and Accidents

  • Date: December 07, 2022
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Fire-rated panels help contain the spread of fire that occurs as a result of an accident or a disaster. They reduce any damage caused by the fire across a facility. DuraWall fire-rated panels are useful features to integrate into your facility. These panels are designed with a high fire resistance to protect your equipment and infrastructure from fire damage. Here's everything you can expect from high-quality fire-proof panels.

Fire-Proof Boards and Their Uses

Designed using non-combustible materials, fire-resistant panels contain fires and safeguard industrial facilities. They can meet the specification of different industries and have a portable design that allows for removal and reinstallation at a new location.

Some fireproof panels feature painted steel-faces, while others have galvanized or stainless steel faces, all of which attach to a mineral wool core. They may feature technologies that help withstand high-temperature conditions. Some panels are resistant to water and vapor, preventing external elements from seeping inside. Fire protection panels are also easy to assemble and disassemble, based on your needs.

Each panel comes with a tongue and groove joint system, though the specific joint configuration varies depending on the specific end use for the board. You can integrate fire-rated panels during new construction or during a renovation. They are a one-time installation, requiring little to no maintenance in the long run.

Benefits Of Installing Fire-Rated Wall Panels

  • Fire containment The primary advantage of installing fire-rated wall panels is their non-combustible configuration. This property safeguards your facility against collateral damage caused by a fire. With the right fire panel walls in place, you can contain fire hazards in a specific area. As a result, it becomes easier to shield other parts of your facility.
  • Increased insulation Besides preventing fires from spreading, fire panel walls provide great insulation. With added insulation, you can save on energy costs and maintain indoor temperature.
  • Reduced damage With fireproof wall panels, you can contain the fire and prevent its spread. They also prevent harmful smoke from spreading through the facility.
  • Install DuraWall Fire-Resistant Panels
  • At DuraSystems, we specialize in passive fire and blast protection systems and assemblies. We supply high-quality fire resistant panels applicable to all kinds of building designs. DuraWall fire-proof panels are a perfect choice, featuring a non-combustible, high-density mineral fiber core! Our fire-proof panels can contain a raging fire for hours. Get in touch with our experts to secure your premises with a high-quality panel. Call us today!