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How Ballistic Barriers Offer Flexible Safety Solutions

  • Date: February 17, 2021
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When you are choosing safety solutions for your facilities , depending on your location, your options may include ballistic barriers. Depending on the barrier manufacturer, you can pick from a range of panels with various ballistic ratings, up to UL 752 Level 10, 50 caliber rounds. They all have a similar purpose, however some high caliber ballistic options might be better for your business than others. Keep reading to learn more about the flexible solutions offered by ballistic barriers.

Why You Need Barriers

There are more threats today than in the past, and today’s criminals are becoming more brazen. The electrical grid is a critical infrastructure component that terrorists or domestic extremists may target as part of a planned attack against the country’s infrastructure.

Unfortunately, sometimes ballistic attacks are carried out by bored individuals who just happens to be armed and view their ballistic attack as simple vandalism and not a criminal act. However, there are ways to protect your business against these threats. For instance, you may choose to use ballistic barriers, or ballistic fire barrier as part of your protection plan to provide both fire and ballistic protection for your facility.

Understanding a Transformer Fire Barrier

Electrical grids around the country are aging quickly, which can be dangerous for transformers.  Transformer failures can lead to fires, which can be extremely dangerous and spread quickly. The flames get fueled by the transformer’s cooling oil, and they can quickly spread to the other transformers in the area. The fires can also affect nearby buildings.

However, suppose you have a transformer separation fire barrier system, and also want protection from exploding bushings. In that case, a UL 752 Level 3 ballistic fire barrier may provide the level of impact protection you are looking for. With this system, you can keep the fire contained and limit the loss to the original failed transformer, rather than the entire substation. These barriers also give more time for first responders to arrive.

Another thing you will want to consider is the hours of fire resistance you require based on your fire department’s response time, or the local code requirements.

Understanding Other Types of Barriers

There are acoustic, ballistic, blast, and fire barriers, as well as combination barriers with some or all of these features in a single barrier. These are ideal for companies that process chemicals or oils, substations that are located in areas subject to noise restrictions, or other scenarios where keeping your neighbors and facility safe is of prime importance.

Choose the Right Provider for Ballistic Substation Protection

Here at DuraSystems, we offer a broad range of safety solutions. Our products use the most innovative technologies available. If you want to learn more about the way our products work, feel free to contact us today. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.