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How Do Enclosures Contribute to Your Building’s Safety?

  • Date: March 02, 2022
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Fire is a dangerous and destructive force that takes lives and damages property. As such, many industries are searching for ways to prevent these. One way is through the installation of fire barriers. Fire barriers can be useful in preventing fires from spreading by containing the flames and smoke to a certain area. In noisy residences and workspaces, they can also help contain the noise and act as an acoustic enclosure.

When faced with a disaster, having the right enclosure can make a big difference. While these are primarily passive fire protection, there are other uses. Here are just a few ways enclosures enhance your building's safety measures.

Prevents Electrical Damage

In the unfortunate event that a fire occurs, any equipment inside the enclosure will remain safe. Not only does the enclosure prevent fire from reaching the equipment, but it also keeps the temperature relatively low inside.

Do check that when you are installing your enclosure, you’re not trapping excess amounts of heat that can cause your electrical equipment to have issues or fail outright.

Dampens Noise

Having an acoustic enclosure will help prevent loud noises from reaching your ears. Loud sounds coming from machinery can disrupt your peace of mind. It can cause stress and hearing problems and interrupt routines.

Some people use these kinds of enclosures in factories, where heavy machinery produces loud, unavoidable noise. Fans, pumps, and generators are needed for work, but they are also very loud. Putting equipment within enclosures will make sure they produce sound within healthy levels. It also allows the facility to meet local noise ordinances.

Blast/Impact Protection

Some equipment that operates at high pressures, or high revolutions can cause devastating damage when a catastrophic failure occurs. A properly designed enclosure will contain the flying debris preventing injuries to your staff and damage to other equipment in your facility.

Choose the Right Enclosure Provider for Your Enclosures

Getting the right type of enclosure can help lessen the risk of damage during a fire. There are things to consider before you begin installing a fire rated enclosure, including:

  • Your building’s current condition
  • The purpose of the enclosure
  • Do you require a fire-rated enclosure
  • Doors, windows, and ventilation requirements for the enclosure
  • Fire sources inside and outside the enclosure

Turn to the Experts for Advice

Enclosures are always a welcome addition to any building, but it’s a big decision to make. That’s why the quality of installation and the materials used are important. You cannot settle for anything that will risk your safety instead of enhancing it.

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