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How Do Fire Rated Enclosures Protect Electronic Devices?

  • Date: November 09, 2021
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Many industries rely on electronics as part of their operations. If your company is among them, it’s important to take the right protective measures. It doesn’t matter if you operate an internet center, medical facility, transportation hub, or something different. The most crucial decision is to have fire rated enclosures installed to protect your critical electronics.

Just imagine a telecommunications or internet center without the proper fire rated electrical enclosures installed. Very quickly, entire server rooms, pops, and other critical areas would get destroyed. That could possibly prevent millions of people from accessing the internet or making cell phone calls.

Large enclosures may have large electronics that may require ventilation for cooling and as well as air quality. To ensure the air continues to flow if there is a fire in the building, fire resistant ducts should be installed to provide ventilation to your fire rated electrical enclosures.

How Do Fire Rated Electrical Enclosures Work?

As the name implies, a fire rated electrical enclosure prevents flames from spreading, to or from, electrical equipment. In other words, the closure serves as a two-way protective barrier. The same applies to fire resistant ducts. To benefit from optimal protection, you want to focus on the design requirements and the manufacturer’s ability to meet those requirements.


The design of both a fire rated enclosures and fire resistant ducts must adhere to current safety standards. That means the manufacturer must ensure they meet strict codes. Also, you can purchase an enclosure for inside and outside locations. A few examples of these include:

  • UL ratings for the US and c-UL ratings for Canada.
  • IEC IP ratings for enclosures or ducts used for international applications.
  • VDE and FCC tempest level shielding is for radiofrequency and electromagnetic frequency.

If you need a fire rated enclosure to protect electronics outside, always choose a leading manufacturer. That way, the enclosure has full protection from dripping water, splashes, snow, ice, and even dust and dirt.

Another important factor to consider when buying either product is the type of threats you’re most worried about. For instance, if your business handles hazardous materials, then you want a fire rated enclosure that’s fire and explosion-proof. You can even purchase locking enclosures that keep unauthorized personnel from tampering with them.


You also want to select fire rated electrical enclosures and fire resistant ducts made by a leading manufacturing company, that is able to supply both systems so they work together. Again, by working with a reputable source, they’ll only offer solutions that meet current safety standards.

One advantage, the best manufacturer has enclosures that provide electrical protection between one and three hours. They’re so well-made that even the nuclear industry depends on them. A top manufacturer can provide both fire rated enclosures and fire resistant ducts that can be constructed in the field or or supplied prefabricated from the factory.

Get the Best Protection Possible

At DuraSystems, we offer our clients innovative fire and blast protective products. Not only are they of superior quality but also cost-effective. To speak with a representative about our fire rated electrical enclosures and ducts, give us a call.