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How to Determine a Blast Wall’s Resistance to an Explosion

Blast_Wall.jpgFor your business, you want to have the right system in place for optimal protection in the event of an explosion. Whether you experience an accident caused by toxic fumes or chemicals, mishandling of dangerous materials, or even criminal or terrorist action, a superior quality blast wall with excellent explosion resistance is the best way to protect property, infrastructure, and human life.

For determining the resistance of this type of wall against an explosion, you would likely need to have specialized education, experience, and training. However, you can still get information about the requirements and characteristics of a blast wall design by working with a reputable company that manufactures this product. As for evaluating how a wall responds to blast loads, various analytical tools get used.

There are always uncertainties, especially when dealing with international or domestic terrorists, as to the type of explosive, its size, and its capability for destruction. With an excellent blast wall design, you have the assurance of getting substantial protection during any situation involving an explosion. A company that specializes in making this product uses the highest-quality materials combined with expert engineering skills.

As part of building and developing walls for explosives, a top-rated company also puts every product through rigorous testing. That way, it can determine the explosive resistance of its doors and walls before selling to the customer. The testing of high-security blast doors and walls consists of advanced mathematical calculations and simulating real-life risks. In one case, a company simulated the detonation of a car bomb 22 yards from a wall by setting off 440 pounds of TNT, to determined the degree of blast resistance.

Using real-life scenarios, a company that makes blast protection products can determine the resistance to explosives. Based on the outcome, it makes any required modifications and, ultimately, sells only the highest level of protective doors and walls to its customers.

Whether you received threats at your business or not, you want to do everything possible to protect your property, infrastructure, and most importantly, employees and outside visitors. The best way to accomplish that is by selecting a superior product from a highly-respected manufacturer.

DuraSystems Provides Superior Protection

At DuraSystems, we can tell you with precision just how much resistance to explosions our walls offer thanks to materials, engineering, testing, and by following strict government, industry, and company regulations in the manufacturing of our products.